Saturday, 2 April 2011

Lomond Gold and Navigating the World of Blogging

So, It’s been almost a week since my premier blog hit the world wide web and since then I have been looking at it with a sense of fear and trepidation. Within 24 hours I had four followers! (Thank you very much, I hope that I will not disappoint) Since then I have been ‘hard’ at work thinking about what to do next. Yes, I promised Lomond Gold which of course will follow. This week I tried cooking with Beer, I made a goulash using Traquair Ale, yes it’s not innovative and yes beer in stews of any description is not a new thing but it was very tasty and I shall write on that soon.

This week I revisited Lomond Gold which, now isn’t hard to get hold of It’s from the Bridge of Allan Brewery, The Brain child of Mr Douglas Ross, which along with it’s visitor centre where you will no doubt be entertained by the wonderful decoration and the even more colourful staff, who if your very lucky may even sing to you. Bridge of Allan Brewery boasts a unique location full of historical importance and their range of beer truly encompasses the heart of Scotland.  I’m reviewing Lomond gold, which as I’ve previously stated is a favourite of mine. No prizes for guessing what the outcome of the blog will be.  Lomond Gold once poured into the glass looks sublime, it delivers exactly what it promises a clear Gold beer with quite a pleasant head, that is of course if you do not allow my flatmate to pour it into a glass. The beer smells lovely, hoppy yet clean and lemony and doesn’t disappoint on taste. It leaves you with a what I (not yet quite caught up on the lingo or jargon of the Beer bloggers world) would describe as a round mouthful of beer. I am told that this is called ‘mouthfeel , something which I cannot yet bring myself to write about still feeling somewhat a rooky. I will however be reading other peoples blogs and possibly a few publications, if anyone knows of anything which will help me on my beer odyssey please feel free to recommend it. Overall, the beer leaves me feeling content and happy and it’s something I may even try as a glaze with salmon, but I’ll keep you posted on that. 

Tonight I am popping down my Local, where I will be strictly in the name of research sampling St Mungo from West at my Local ‘Gastro Pub’, I will of course keep you updated on how that goes. 

Öl for one and Beer for all                                               


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  1. Bridge of Allan brewery was great!. Great beer and great staff. Keep up the good work