Friday, 15 April 2011

SkullSplitter and developing my taste in beer.

Up to now, I’ve been having quite a nice time on my Beer odyssey. I’ve been going into pubs and buying beer and justifying buying more expensive beer with the thought ‘I am a beer blogger’ and they feels good. Almost as good as someone who has just has a baby and justifies everything they say and do with ‘I am a mother.’ However, it’s unlikely that I am going to start using the phrase ‘as a beer blogger’....unless it’s as an excuse for a heavy night out.  
            So I’m having quite a nice time touring around different tastes from Scotland. There is a lot here and I feel a lot of it is unsung, yes with the exception of a few breweries everything could be regarded as rather dated. Never the less it’s good and perhaps we could at times look past the packaging and be surprised by how good something is. This is precisely what I was thinking when I picked up Skullsplitter.
            SkullSplitter is a barley wine and I’m told a very good example of a ‘wee heavy’ and has a rather fearsome gentleman on the front of the bottle. I’m not going to lie if I saw him in a bar I’d probably approach him...I digress. I poured it into a Glass and immediately I am punched in the face by the smell of caramel and molasses and sweet sticky dark fruit.  When poured it’s a lovely dark colour with a creamy bubbly white head. It looks lovely, although slightly sticky looking... I should have seen this as a warning sign. My first mouthful of this was as if I had put a spoonful of treacle in my mouth. I couldn’t taste anything else except caramel and I have to confess...I nearly spat it out. I’m told a lot of people like it but I have to say this wee heavy isn’t for me. It’s simply too sweet, a couple of mouthfuls later and I had made up my mind that I wasn’t going to be finishing the bottle. But hey, not all experiences are good experiences and i learned something about my taste in beer. Next blog will include something from the Madcap brewery.


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