Wednesday, 13 April 2011


It’s been a while and from what I hear some of my loyal friends are feeling rather neglected. It’s been a long week since last I blogged, I’ve been sitting exams and making plans on how to spend my summer. Which as you can imagine hasn’t left a lot of time for drinking beer or blogging. Luckily I finished an exam on Monday which of course left plenty of time for drinking beer. Today, I’m reviewing St Mungo by West brewery which is situated on Glasgow Green and available from my local pub in Dundee, Drouthys.
            St Mungo, named after Glasgow’s patron saint is a lager beer, All of West’s Beer is brewed in accordance with the Reinheitsgebot, which is the German purity law making West unique in Scotland. The Brewery itself is defiantly worth a visit and is defiantly what should be considered as beer from Glasgow unlike another unmentionable lager which Glasgow is famous for. West itself is stunning and to my mind really is what Glasgow is about multicultural and fashionable, this is the City that boasts one of the UK’s most famous art and music schools and the likes of Mackintosh and Alasdair Gray yet it does so in a modest understated way and this is what WEST seems to me to be about. It’s just so honest, and I like it.
            St Mungo sits in the Glass, and boasts a lovely bubbly head and a golden Amber liquid and it smells sweet and citrusy. This doesn’t disappoint on taste it’s a light refreshing beer with a little bitterness which is not unpleasant and it’s something I can certainly imagine drinking in a beer garden in the summer or indeed in a cosy bar in the winter. Personally I think it stands up well to food and last time I drank it while eating quite an interesting salad with bacon and black pudding with a creamy black pepper dressing. It’s not a beer you can chug back, but at 4.9% it’s certainly very drinkable and refreshing.
            Contrary to my last two blogs, I do not like every beer. It is however difficult as somewhat a novice to criticise a beer, or even say I don’t like it! Next time I will attempt to put into words how I feel about Skullsplitter and why it’s just not the beer for me.
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